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  1. Easy steps to set up your Google My Business page

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    Google My BusinessSetting up a Google My Business page is a good idea.  It’s not massively used but it’s worth setting up as it helps when people are searching on Google Maps and helps generally with SEO.

    Google My Business is a free online platform and has two purposes – to help business owners increase their online visibility and to help people find, engage with, and review businesses in their local area. It’s effectively a comprehensive and accessible business directory. It’s much more than just a directory though, as it’s social and interactive too.

    Google My Business pages are for businesses that serve customers primarily in their local area.  When clicking through to a business’s Google My Business page, people can see the following:

    • The business’s name, address and phone number.
    • A description of the business.
    • The business’s location on a map.
    • The business’s opening hours.
    • A link to the business’s website.
    • Photos and videos related to the business.
    • Reviews of the business left by previous customers.
    • A rating out of 30 for the business (based on scores given by previous customers).

    Status updates on Google My Business

    Before you announce your new Google My Business page on your personal profile, be sure to add some public status updates that will give visitors a preview of the kind of content they can expect from your page.   You can use your copy from Twitter or a blog.

    Getting followers

    Google My Business is similar to Facebook in the sense that you can't go out and follow fans in order to gain fans like you can with Twitter followers. With Google My Business, you have to wait until someone follows you before you can add them to your page's circles and start interacting with them.  To get followers for your Google My Business page, you will want to start by announcing it on your Google My Business personal profile. It's as easy as sharing the link to your Google My Business page as a status update!

    Please have a look at VB Marketing's Google My Business page, we'd love you to leave a review!


  2. Marketing Trends for 2015

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    2015 Marketing TrendsSo what will be the top marketing trends that will dominate 2015

    No big surprises... It’s all digital!  The Internet has massively altered the way in which information is shared and had a huge impact on marketing.  More businesses are finding success publishing original content rather than advertising.

    One of the big buzz words is ‘content marketing’, a way of businesses gaining trust with their customers through creating valuable audience specific content such as entertainment or insight then pushing through a variety of channels such as social media, blogs and eZines.

    Use of Videos for marketing purposes has been growing and is likely to continue into 2015.

    Being ‘mobile-friendly’ is essential with the use of smartphones.  According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” It’s important to provide a positive experience to users, businesses that aren’t on-board are likely to suffer.

    Ad Retargeting which has grown over the last few months will continue into 2015 - identifying customers who have searched or browsed for a particular product or service then targeting them with digital banner ads.  Through this method you can reach the 1,000’s but conversion levels are lower... great for brand building.